Mitshubishi EVO IV

Evo 4 GSR jdm rust free fully seam welded body. EU registration, located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

  • Roll cage manufactured by IgorioLankai and meets latest FIA requirements.
  • Body is solid, straight and accident free.
  • Forged engine with new oil pump, head and main studs ARP, HKS camshafts, new bearings done 300 km SS.
  • Turbo after revision evo 4 (custom setup using upgraded hot side) done 150km SS ( inc. spare evo 9 80 series big turbo done 200km). Running 1.5 bar boost on E85 and very mild ALS.
  • Gems ecu with 34mm restrictor and all custom wirring.
  • Fuel supply from oem fuel tank with swirl pot and 2 bosh pumps to big injectors. Evo 9 big oil cooler.
  • Alloy water radiator (powerflex mounts, oil catch tank and etc.)
  • Stage 5 single plate clutch after 400 km SS.
  • Oem gearbox RS close ratio with oem center and rear diffs.
  • Proflex gravel suspension after revision done 400 km SS.
  • Gravel 4pot front and 2pot rear brakes.
  • All interior safety parts are in date.
  • PIAA original lamp pod.
  • All suspension parts taken wider evo5/6 and are alloy.
  • Include small spare package and gravel wheels.